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Is it normal,, I noticed that my vaginal secretions became more thick ?

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I am pregnant in my 4th week , I noticed that my vaginal discharge became more thick and looks like white masses one week ago, I have not visited the doctor yet. Is it normal or it is an indication for a serious condition?

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If you have a doctors office set up for your ob appointment then I would call them and just see if you can talk to a nurse.  I don't think you have anything to worry about, but I am not a doctor and do not know your health history.  So call them as soon as you can and just see what they say about it.  They may even want you to go to their office.  But again I think you are fine.
Most things you read about some simptoms while pregnant is that your vaginal discharge does get thicker and change in color. I do agree with kattebberry though it's usually best to call and ask your doctor if you are worried about anything or have any questions, no matter how odd the questions are.
When you're pregnant, your mucous membranes soften, which may cause vaginal discharge to become thick, like you said.  It will also cause runny noses.  It's just the body's way of preparing for the delivery- lots of things begin changing very early on, and some other things like your growing belly, will start changing later.  If it's a yeast infection, it's alright too, they will probably just suggest an over the counter product like Monastat.

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