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Is it normal for my hips to hurt?

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I've always slept on my side, but lately I wake up with sore hips and have to switch sides numerous times a night. Has anyone else experienced this? My husband thinks it's my body changing to accommodate baby, but I'm only 10 1/2 weeks so it seems early for that, especially since I've had no weight gain yet.

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YES! I totally have this, exactly what you're describing, and have had it since early in the pregnancy (I'm at 22 weeks), and had it my last pregnancy, too. I think since your joints have more fluid in them,  they're moving around more, and sliding into slightly different positions. Whatever the reason, you're not imagining it!
Your ligaments and joints are all softening, stretching, and swelling even in the first trimester. It's completely normal to be uncomfortable everywhere.
Yes, I am 35 weeks and hip pain has come and gone through out my pregnancy. Try a pillow under your hips at night the comfort won't last but it will help.
It is perfectly normal for your hips to hurt through out your entire pregnancy. Just like cramping, it is your body growing and adjusting to the baby growing inside of you. Your hips are also slowly widening, preparing your body for when the baby is born.
I'm 25 weeks now, but I've had this same problem since probably around 12-13 weeks, way before ever showing. Every night I have pain in whatever side I'm sleeping on and by the end of the night, I can't stand to sleep on either side (and since I can't lay on my back, that pretty much ends sleeping for me). Sometimes I can alleviate this by sleeping on a pillow and using a pillow between my legs. But, sometimes that doesn't help either.My doctor has suggested taking Tylenol for this, though I really don't want to have to take medicine all the time. She also said I could invest in a memory foam pad or even a mattress (I wish!), but I have yet to try something that costly. One thing that does seem to consistently lessen this discomfort is yoga. When I really stretch out my hips/legs during the day, I find that it takes a lot longer in the night for my sides to start hurting, and the pain doesn't get as severe. In contrast, if I'm on my feet a lot, I end up having worse pain in the night.Good luck!

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