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Is it normal to not feel pregnant at 12 weeks? Should I be showing yet

3 answers
I have had a miscarriage at 13 weeks but have also had another completely normal pregnancy!! Don't know if I should be concerned???

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its totally normal when i was 12 weeks i wasn't showing at all
i had amiscarraige last yr at 12 weeks, im prego again right now and asked the same question on her when i was 12 weeks. i wasnt showing at all and didnt really fell pregnant either. give it a few more weeks. im 17 weeks now and i got alittle belly going on. It will come just give it time. good luck with everything! are you having any pregnancy symptoms? i didnt besides sore breast but then that went away too. if u arent dont be concerened, your just lucky!
I have been sick on and off and tired all the time. But it is better now. Just really nervous because we had no indication that there was a problem last time until we did an ultrasound at 14 weeks. Of course my next appointment is at 14 weeks and the wait is killing me.

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