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is it normal not to want to have sex during your second trimester?

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i think soo..i feel the same way and thats unusual for me lol
Me and my husband stopped for like 3 months lol but a few mornings ago we did... ended up cause me pain after. like pressure idk y... But it was very unusual for us as well lol.. Just all the changes going on i think, for us buying a house,trying to get everything moved in, all babies stuff done, working... Its just crazy right now..I think lots feel this way
It really depends...this is my 4th and between the three boys I already have, full time work and my husband and all the joys of pregnancy (haha)....I never want it right now!!
it depends when my friend was pregnant she wanted it all the time and when i was pregnant i didnt really want it that much
I think that it depends on your pregnancy and then during the pregnancy my sex drive has changed alot too.. sometimes I want it all the time and others I could honestly care less... It is very untypical for us to not be having sex all the time but I dont want it and now I have been experiencing early labor and contractions, I am only 30 weeks, and told that i need to take it much easier so with my boyfriend keeping up with our 15 month old and working fulltime he doesnt have alot of energy left at the end of the day either... just depends on the person but I wouldnt be too concerned about it =)
i looove sex and i cant stand it know it makes me wanna throw up and i dont ever want it unless my husband isn't here....LOL but when we do i have very bad pains in my lower abdomen i dont know if thats right but i just keep it to myself....

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