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Is it normal for sex to hurt and not be pleasurable?

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So I am 23 weeks preganant and pretty much since I got pregnant... sex hurts :( It feels like it is my first time again everytime my fiancee and I have sex, like it kind of burns? I think that is the best way to describe it. It hurts and is not pleasurable for me at all and I didn't know if this is normal or not? And if it is normal, is there any way to fix it or will it go away soon? I've been meaning to ask my doctor about it but I forgot to at my last appointment and my next appointment isn't until January so I figured maybe someone on here would be able to help me out. I really appreciate anyone who answers this question because it is really causing a strain in my relationship.

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I'm that way as well, my bf doesn't understand how it makes me feel, he got over it sorta, we only do it like once a month, im 30 weeks, and when we do have sex i take a tylenol before hand. My doc says all women are different, and sometimes your bf just needs to hear it from a doc, not all pregnant women want sex. hope it helps, sorry..
The burning is probably caused by stretching and pulling from the sex.  After my second son everything changed with my body.  I'm no longer naturally lubricated, even when completely aroused.  We have to use a lubricant (plain - unscented and none of that funky stuff) everytime or I'm in extreme agony for days after.  It burns and hurts.  I finally went to my doctor about it because it was also causing me to swell.  She said to try a lubricant that baby's can have a crazy effect on your body and your hormones reek havoc on system too.  You also have an increased blood flow in the area now that can cause some swelling and pain that is increased when you are aroused.  I do tylenol and ice if I feel myself swelling up afterwards.  Hope this helps!
Okay I will try these things! Thank you both for your answers.

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