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is it normal too not want sex as much??

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Definitely!!During early and late pregnancy, you feel horrible the majority of the time. From the time you have to abandon your skinny jeans on you may feel fat, unattractive, or depressed. Sex is not really your first choice of things to do when your hormones are flip-flopping your stomach, when you feel like an elephant, when you're exhausted just from going to the bathroom or getting out of a chair, or when you feel ugly, helpless, or anxious about the future. You have a lot on your mind and a lot of strain on your body during pregnancy. Sex is a low priority most of the time for some ladies. Some women are NEVER in the mood during pregnancy and early in the baby's life.
Yes it is normal.  In some women the hormones that are there becasue of the pregnancy just make you not want sex.  Plus yes if you are in your first trimester then you are feeling sick and your body aches, etc.  So you just don't want it for that reason.  Things could change later in the second or third trimesters, because your hormones could change.

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