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Is it ok?

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Ever since my second trimester I love orange juice. Ive been drinking atleast a glass a day is this ok for my baby?? Also I need a second base for my carseat, does the base need to be the same brand as the carseat? Its a safety 1st aerolite travel sport sytem, i cant seem to find a base for it anywhere?

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My opinion on the OJ is that it's totally fine (never hurts to ask your doc, though!).  There are good vitamins in there, and it will help with your daily fluid intake.  Try to get the calcium-fortified kind, though, if you're not drinking enough milk or getting enough calcium in your prenatal vitamins. As for car seat bases, you need to make sure it's either the same brand or one that's listed as 'compatible' (though I'm not sure if any car seats make other-brand compatible bases).  Call or email the company (just google the car seat name and you should find a company web page) and ask where retailers are near you.
I'm drinking a ton of oj too - the kind with calcium is really important once you hit the 2nd trimester because that's when your babies bones really start to grow and absorb calcium so the more you intake the better for your baby.  check ebay and craigslist for your carseat base you might get lucky and find the same kind or a compatible.  :)
yes i am drinking the simply orange with extra calcium and V-C , thanks everyone
My doctor told me that up to 2 cups of coffee are OK but if you say tea has more, I would cut back to maybe 1 cup until you ask your doctor.
too cups of caffine a day are perfectly ok. but remember theres caffine in choclate and soda and other things to take that into consideration.
You could try decaf tea
Steep the tea for a minute, (removes most of the caffine) then put it in your cup/pot.
I'm not a coffee drinker at all and usually have at least 2 cups a day. 
I normally have at least 2 cups of coffee a day and sometimes a 20 oz mountain dew. My baby is just fine and my son turned out fine with me drinking both. You should be ok with tea.
During my second pregnancy I had gestational diabetes. So I lived mainly on diet pepsi. Plus I terrible headaches so my doctor prescribed caffeine pills. He turned out perfectly healthy and is fixing to turn four.


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