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Is it ok to eat steak?

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As long as you cook it, there should be no harm in you eating steak or any other meat.  Organ meats are the ones to watch out for while you're expecting, and there are some seafoods you're better off staying away from [warm- water fish have a better chance of being harmful to your health, cold- water fish, like wild Alaskan Salmon, is the best choice].  Supposedly, you should stay away from sushi, but it's been a staple of the Japanese diet for centuries, so that's either your call or your dr's. The rule I always go by, if something like lunchmeat in the fridge from last week smells funny or if my pork doesn't look cooked all the way, toss it or cook it longer. 
I asked my Dr. about this at my first appointment. She said medium rare steak is ok, but ground up meat is not. Burgers should be well done, and no steak tartare.
Both WIC and my doctor stay by the golden rule of cook through. With deli meats make sure you heat to steam. Only because they house bacteria. Same goes with steaks. You want the middle to be warm because bacteria hangs out in the middle its safest to cook through (as much as that sucks).
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