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is it ok to fart alot?? and is it ok for like sharp pains to go through your side i'm 7 weeks pregnat i go to doc may 11 should i ask my doc

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Unfortunately, gas is a safe side effect of pregnancy.  It won't hurt you or your baby.  If you eat foods that make you gassy, you could try and avoid those and see if it helps keep it away.  It may even linger through your first trimester, then disappear for your second trimester.
YEs totally normal!
Your doctor will probably tell you about those side pains, but those are totally normal. I had quick sharp pains in my lower abdomen during weeks 4-10 and my doctor said this was okay as long as they were not long lasting sharp pains with any other symptoms. And the gas...uh,, yea that seems to last the entire pregnancy as far as I can tell :)
Gas is completely normal during pregnancy.  All women get pains every so often during pregnancy.  It is just your uterus growing and your body getting ready for the baby.  But please do ask your doctor about the pains and any other questions you may have.  They are there to help ease  your mind during the pregnancy.  After the first visit you may even be able to call the office and just ask a nurse about any questions that you may have.

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