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is it ok to feel this exausted?!

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so i went to the mall today to pick up a couple things and I felt like I was gonna pass out,i swear i sat down on every bench today.i was drinking plenty of water and had food before i went.Is there any reason i should feel that tired from doing nothing but walking?? Plus! im only 19 weeks pregnant.I thought the tiredness would come later.

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I have been tired the whole pregnacy! At the begining I would sleep all the time! Work kills me, being a nanny taking care of 2 kids 3 and 7 for 10 or more hours a day, very tiring! Just try and get as much rest as possible youll need it.. Im 29 weeks and still tired all the time.
You should be tired! and you should take a break whenever you need it!you are growing a whole other human being inside you!Get lots of rest,and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
thanks for your answers! i wish i coud tell my 3 year old daughter this,she is a lil sneaky thing,up to trouble 24/7 who despises the word no haha.
I know exactly how you feel. I am 14 weeks pregnant and have 3 other children. One almost 3, one almost 4, and one 6 1/2. They try to kill me. I'm convinced of it. Lol. I know it's hard but it should get atleast a tiny bit better. Now is when to rest because after your baby gets here there really won't be time for it. 
Something I read during my first pregnancy that puts everything into perspective: Being pregnant is like climbing a mountain, all day. It wears you out, makes you sore all over and very tired! 

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