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Is it ok to lift over 50 lbs in the first few weeks?

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I am a group fitness instructor and pregnant with  my 3rd baby.  I teach a lower weight, slightly cardio class called Group Power (a similar class is Body Pump).  Although most woman don't lift over 50 lbs anyway I would not recommened it unless you have regularly been lifting over 50 lbs.  I will continue teaching this class until I deliver at my regular weight (heaviest just about 40 lbs).  I hope this helps ;)
While lifting a gallon of liquid or less is mostly outdated, 50 lbsis quite a workout - even for someone who isn't pregnant. I would not recommend it, even early in pregnancy, if it can be avoided. If you have the typical first-trimester symptoms you probably won't have the energy to do it right, which could seriously injure you. If you've had a positive pregnancy test it's likely you're far enough along to hurt the baby if yu hurt yourself much in the abdominal region.

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