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is it ok to reuse my water bottle while pregnant??

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Pregnant or not, you really shouldn't reuse water bottles that weren't meant to be reused.  Refilling a Poland Spring bottle once probably won't be a big deal, but it your find yourself reusing the same bottle for days, not only is there a concern about chemicals leaching out of the bottle, but bacteria can also get caught in the grooves around the spout and cap and lead to illness.  My advice: buy a reusable water bottle that is dishwasher safe - you'll help the environment and you'll know that the bottle you're using every day is clean!
I disagree... maybe because i do it myself.  My office provides us bottled water and to try and conserve my usage i use a bottle a week and refill it from the water cooler.  I've been doing this for years, in this pregnancy, and in my first...and my son came out just fine.  However, if i leave it in the car overnight or in the car when it gets super hot i do throw it away and get a new one... i've read articles where plastic bottles "leak" chemicals when they are heated for a long period of time. 
i reuse water bottles and was never told that it could be harmful. However, you need to make sure they aren't in the sun for long periods of time because they can leak toxins into the water that have been linked to breast cancer. Also make sure you keep them clean and don't wash them in the dishwasher

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