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is it ok to smoke while pregnant

2 answers
will it harm the babys health by smoking tobacco while pregnant?

answers (2)

YES!!!!!!!Smoking increases risks for tons of things to go wrong. Here is what I remember at the moment - miscarrige, low birth weight, asthma, SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). I know there is more but I am barely awake enough to type.Even being around someone who smokes will increase your risks.Do your best to quit. Get anyone around you to quit. Even if it is only for the time you are pregnant, it will give your baby a better shot.
Think of it this way... Would you put a lit cigarette up to the mouth of your baby? If not, then I would not smoke. Your baby needs and depends on you. In your tummy, is the safest place your baby will ever live. Don't let him or her down. You will live and can smoke again in the future.

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