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is it ok to work while your pregnant i work at a pizza resturaunt

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Absolutely.  If you let your employer know, they may 'give you a break' and cut you some extra slack [to be considerate, but also to avoid you suing them if you fall down!].  The unwritten rule is to wait to tell people about your pregnancy until you've cleared the miscarriage zone, which is mostly in the first trimester.  I agree with this rule when it comes to telling your employer.  If your doctor finds that you're suffering from any complications, he may have to write them a note saying you can't work til you deliver [by law, you'll have a job when you come back].  Or, if you're in the position to leave your job and you want to, you can do that too. 
It is perfectly ok to work while pregnant.  I would tell my employer right away though, because if you are working and are constantly going to the bathroom because of morning sickness then your employer may get mad unless you let them know what is going on.  If you aren't having any problems then I say go for it.  I myself with my second son worked in a pizza place.  Don't do any heavy lifting or any stretching.  Another reason why you should let your employer know as soon as possible, because yes they will give you some slack on some things.  Are you one of the ones who prepares the food or does the delivering?  If you are a delivery person then it would be better if they had you just in the restaurant instead of delivering because you sometimes have to carry a lot of food items.   I hope that this helped at all.

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