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is it okay???

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I juz turn 5months today... nd I wana know if itz okay if I lay on my stomach cuz when I sleep on my sides I wake up in a lil pain from my stomach sometimes nd I feel lk if I lay on my stomach all be able to sleep better through out da night? plus I'm not even big everybody tells me dat I dnt even look pregnant

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my dr told me that they recommend you not lay on your stomach after the first trimester because somehow it can pinch a blood vessel or something and can affect the oxygen and blood supply to the baby.. I have trouble sleeping as well.. we just bought a body pillow so that I can lay on my side and curl up around the pillow and it does wonders.. hope this helps some =)
dont lay on ur stomach..lay or ur left side, the baby gets more oxygen that way..but if u have to u can lay on ur right side..not ur stomach
however, if you wake up in the middle of the night and realize youre on your tummy, dont worry! (I panicked!) my doctor said to just turn back on my side and no harm is done.I always wake up on my's hard to change your sleeping habits!
the docter told me not to sleep on my tummy because the baby doesnt get that much oxygen that way he told me to sleep on my left side i always had trouble sleeping on my left side when i was pregnant so i got a body pillow and it worked like a charm

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