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is it okay to gain more then 55 pounds in your second trimester

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What does your doctor say?  Were you extremely small to begin with?  Are you having multiples?  These are all things we don't know about you pre-pregnancy and now.  That's a lot to gain, especially in one trimester, but if you lost weight in the first and your weight gain slows in the third then you may be fine.  The most important thing is to discuss your weight gains with your doctor, because overall they know your health and know what is best for you and your growing child.  Good luck!
I agree that there are some things that you left out and that we dont know.. however unless you are having multiples I personally think that 55lbs is alot especially in one trimester.. you have to remember that the baby only weighs so much and then the rest of it will be the "baby weight" that everyone struggles to lose after the pregnancy. I gained almost 50lbs in all with my first pregnancy and definitly regretted it later on when it came to losing the weight... this time I am 30 weeks and have only gained 2 lbs but that was because of the terrible morning sickness this time. My dr however is ok with that because I had not lost all of the baby weight and had started the pregnancy right around 200lbs so since I started out being overweight I wasnt expected to gain the weight like someone that started out underweight.. but I would definitly check with your dr =)

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