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Is it okay to take hot baths in the early weeks of pregnancy or should i just not do it at all?

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I know its not good to take hot baths during pregnancy but i was wondering if that rule is for the entire pregnancy? I am now 13 weeks and i love my hot baths, but My last pregnancy, i sat in a jacuzzi at 8 months thinking it was warm,but obviously it was still too hot of a temperature fot my baby because later on that day i went into labor having to have a c section.

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not hot hot baths if the water makes your skin turn red when you get in its to hot warm baths are great for back pain!
Sounds like you know the answer to this.  Dr says warm is ok.  Hot is not.  They do not recommend jacuzzi or saunas while pregnant - at any point.  It's a short term sacrifice for a long term gain. 
If your body over heats so does your baby and it could cause perminate brain damage to your child. So hot baths, sauna, hot tubes, ect. are a no no.

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