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Is it okay to use a eletric blanket during the winter if ur pregnant?

2 answers
me and my fiance both love the warmth of the eletrical blanket during the winter to help save on the heating bill...but we dont know if its safe cuz this is our first baby and i know its bad to use a tanning bed and i kinda think of them as the same am i totally off in lala land or am i kinda right about not being able to use it this winter....?

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i have the same question..i think i read somewhere that the radiation it throws off isnt good but im going to ask my doctor anyway..and a tanning bed is different because that has uv lights that arent good for the baby
I think it has to do with the heat and the temperatures that the blanket provides.  The doctors advise to stay out of hot tubs, not only because of the bacteria and sitting in water like that is not good for you, but also because of the temperatures.  I think that high core temperatures can cause birth abnormalities.  Check with your doctor first, they may say it's okay on the lowest setting. 

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