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Is it possible?

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I am 12 weeks pregnant and i have an 8 month old baby boy. My boyfriend and I have sex everyday and usually he cums inside of me and i want to know if i could still get pregnant while being pregnant. I get the feeling this may be a stupid question but i have to ask. And always the day after my ovaries get a little sore as the way i felt when i first got pregnant. Can this be doing some damage to my inside parts to where i probably would have less chance to get pregnant again? Or is it completely ok for us to do that? I know these are several questions but i am so lost and i didnt want to ask my doctor first... Reason i am clueless is because i dont know if the soreness could be because i just had a baby c-section or if this is just another "different" pregnancy type of symptom. Please help or explain!

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its possible
Your uterus has closed up since you are already pregnant o you can get pregnant again. And usually when you are pregnant intercourse can make you sore only because the walls of your vagina swell when you are pregnant. It has to do with your hormones and the pressure on your female parts becuse of added weight and a baby growin right above it. But it is normal. I would mamybe slow down on intercourse top every other day and see if it isnt as sore because you may just need to let you female parts adjust a little to the change in your hormones. And havin babies sort of back to back does cause your hormones to change up and go crazy and it can cause discomfort before during or after sex. As long as you dont bleed bright red blood after you are okay. Spotting is even okay as long as it isnt alot.
I really don't think so.  You've basically had 2 periods and your at home tests are negative - I really don't think you are pregnant.  I'm sorry!  Also remember that your mind can trick your body into showing pregnancy symptoms and signs depending on how badly you want to be pregnant.  It's not unheard of to have all the symptoms and not be pregnant, because you are wanting it so bad.  Just try to relax and let your body work the way it's supposed to.  If you just got off the pill it can take a while for your hormones to readjust so you can become pregnant.  Good luck!
i took 6 test be for i got a positive i would call your dr cuz if your dont praggo it could be some thing else and never give up
i would get a blood test because u havent got ur period and u faint a faint positive test good luck!
go to the doctor so you know for sure i took 8 pregnancy test with my first baby
My Mom got pregnant with me immediately after coming off birth control... like that month so it is totally possible
It could be your cycle trying to adjust from getting off of BC, but I would get a blood test done just to know for sure if you are pregnant or not. Good Luck!
I had a faint pregnancy test, and i waited a week and it was positive. I think when trying to concieve, people get to eager and count time wrong. Quit the antibiotics, and go to your local health department. Its usually free for a pregnancy test, instead of spending 8 dollars a day on one.

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