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Is it possible to have early warning signs before you miss your period?

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I've been feeling yucky for days, but still have a week before my period. I don't really want to waste the $ on an early pregnancy test if it's all in my head.

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I would wait until you miss your period.  I sometimes when I am about to start get sick and it is usually a week before I start.  But yet again I didn't know I was pregnant with my last 2 pregnancies until after I missed my period because I thought I was just about to start.  So just wait and see if you start.  If you feel anxious though then buy the test.
took the test - negitive.  2 days over due on my period....  waiting sucks!
Yeah, there are early warnings - my biggest 'warning' is that I didn't get my normal mood-swing-y PMS that I usually do.  PMS is caused by a sudden drop in hormones (which happens when your egg realizes it isn't fertilized), and when I took a bad job interview really well at 'that time of the month,' I knew :) Usually you won't get morning sickness until a few weeks after you miss a period, so that's not always the best indicator.  I've had that sort of false alarm too. Good luck - I hope you get whatever result you're wishing for!

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