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Is it possible I mean I saw it on the sonogram at the same time I felt

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Im now 11 weeks and 1 day pregnant this sunday and I swear I can feel the baby move once in a while. Its my first baby, pregnancy ever and when I had my sonogram last week I got to see the baby move for the first time. But cuz it looked like we snuck up and scard the baby from the way it was jumping around at first. lolol At the same time I felt it move. I told the Dr. but he just did not respond. Mabe he know????? Anyways Im so excited about it all and when Im in bed and calm I feel movement. Am I crazy. I know every pregnancy is diffrent and I swear This kid has spunk. Strong heart beat and all. :) This web site has helped me learn so much on pregnancy Its better then the book....

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its possible , every woman is different..u maybe a few weeks ahead of what they say u r
I nanny for a women who felt her son a 11 weeks and some days and daughter at 12 weeks and some days. If it feels like a tickle in your belly or gas bubbles that's it. This is my first time being this far along and it felt very werid the first few times I felt the baby.

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