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Is It Possible To Misscarry With A UTI??

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Some ppl at my work place are telling me this, and I went to the ER and they said i Have a UTI and they gave me "Bactrim" Is it safe? But my main concern is will I lose the baby? Please help!

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I had a bladder infection early on in my pregancy, not that I'm that far along now (14 weeks) and everything was fine.  Call your OB and make sure they agree that the medicine is okay for the baby.  They'll let you know if it's not.  No doctor or hospital should prescribe you any medicine that will make you miscarry.  I did read on my prescription and verified on a website that some infections (UTI's and Bladder) the medicine given is for your health which is taking precident over the baby.  It worried me a little so I called my doctor they said it was just because enough studies haven't been done on the med to say it's definitely safe or definitely's an unknown.  Just because you have a UTI does not mean you will miscarry.  You can have a UTI while pregnant and get healthy again all while growing a perfectly healthy child. your doctor and don't listen to your co-workers without seeing their med degree first!
I've been diagnosed with a uti as well. I don't think that u can miscarry from having one. My dr prescribed me bactrim also and unfortunately had an allergic reaction. Bactrim is a common antibiotic for uti's during pregnancy.
Yea i forgot to post that it's actually Macrobid  that they have me on for UTI.. I thought it was Bactrim.. but its not... i misread the papers.. but is Macrobid safe to use as well?
Macrobid is safer than bactrim to take during pregnancy. That's what they have me on now cause I had an allergic reaction to the bactrim.

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