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Is it possible to test positive at 3 weeks and 3 days?

2 answers
Counting from my lmp (may 3rd) id be 3 weeks 3 days preggo i have been trying about 7 months with false positives one of them being the day my last period started. i came about 4 days early. so now im testing way early but yday and today BOTH positive with first response. any advice?

answers (2)

Yes,it is.I had my test positive 6 days before my period.I used First Response too.Good luck.
I guess that would make you about 8-10 days past ovulation, right?  Usually pregnancy tests can pick up the pregnancy hormone anywhere from 9-10 days past ovulation if you are indeed pregnant.  I got my positive result at 10dpo although it was very faint.  But I could read it!!!  So this sounds good ~yes?!?  I would continue to test again each day (with first mornings urine) and hopefully it will continue to get darker.  You should really test every other day - to give the pregnancy hormone time to build up (it is said to double or triple in strength every two days), but I couldn't wait that long.  You can also take a blood test to confirm.  It is funny, the cycle where my period was "weird" was the cycle I got pregnant!  Baby dust to you~

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