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is it Rude?

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My mother in law went and picked out a carseat stroller and playyard the day she found out my husband and I were pregnant without us knowing or seeing it first. After we found out it was a girl I found the perfect ones that I liked. I feel rude that I didn't like what she picked out ,but I was really wanting to pick out all that stuff since it's our first baby. I have gotten the stroller carseat and playyard i was wanting and we were just going to tell my mother in law to keep hers at her house. But we really wanna ask her for something we really want like the swing or crib set, since she is only has it on layaway she can get her money back. Is it rude to ask her to get us something we want????? I dont wanna hurt her feelings :(((( confused and need advice.

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No, it is not rude.  You have every right to pick all of that stuff out for your own child especially it being your first!  That is the best part before baby comes, getting all the fun and cute stuff YOU want.  My mother in law is big into second hand stores and all of that... I AM NOT!  So when I was pregnant with our first I told her upfront that I was going to pick everything out and I also made it clear that if she didn't want to pay for something new then I didn't expect her to!  So, I would let your mother in law know that you found the stuff you absolutely love and tell her that there are other things you need and suggest a shopping trip together!!  Good luck!
I agree that part of being pregnant is being excited and getting things you love for your baby.  I have two boys and I am expecting my third child, if I find out it's a girl i plan to get girly things since I have never been able to buy girl things.   I have had some people tell me that since it's my third and my last I should just use all my old stuff but each baby is special and deserves some new things.  As a mommy we deserve to love our baby things! 
its not rude
It depends on her.  It can really go either way based on how you approach her.  Don't say "yeah, that stuff is ugly, why don't you get us a swing?"  Just calmly say to her that, since this is your first baby, you want to choose patterns and colors that suit your ideas for the nursery.  Tell her that it's alright if she wants to keep the things she put on layaway at her house but if she really wants to get you something then tell her what you need.  If she's as nice a person as she seems then she shouldn't take it badly.My mother is so dramatic and stubborn that if I did anything except thank her profusely then she would probably start crying and say "WHY DO I EVEN BOTHER!!!"  It all depends on the person.

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