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is it safe???

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For me to take ONE A DAY WOMEN'S PRENATAL WITH DHA??? cuz I see on da box it says to ask a doctor nd I dnt have a doctor nd I'm already 24weeks nd 6dayz so plz someone anyone answer nd let me know if it is safe to take those vitamins???????

answers (3)

You really should have a doctor. I take the Nature made kind, it seems to be ok.
My midwife wants me on prenantals with DHA. But you need to get in and be seen by a doctor!
Usually it refers you to a doctor because of liability issues. If it is an off the shelf prenatal they are NORMALLY safe. Do you have a free health clinic or toll-free numbers in your area you can call? I'm in Canada, and we also have mother-risk, but I don't know about the US. They will normally tell you all the concerns related to a medication, and WHY it tells you to see a doctor. DHA is in all sorts of things (fish, seeds, kids yogurt!), so I doubt that is why it says to see a doctor!

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