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Is it safe to color hair while breastfeeding

2 answers
Im breastfeeding my 4 month old son and i wanted to treat myself and go into the salon and get my hair it safe?? Will it affect breastfeeding my son....don't want any chemicals getting into my breastmilk.

answers (2)

the only thing that gets in your breast milk is like anything you eat or consume threw your mouth
I hope this helps.. i asked this question when i started breastfeeding my son, i asked my breastfeeding counsler as well as my dr. i got the same answer from both two years ago, the amount of chemicals that are absorbed throught the scalp is very minimal, so the amount that gets into the breastmilk is minimal, you can get chemicals into your bloodstream more ways than just consuming it through your mouth....anyway...if your worried about it of course talk with your dr, you can always pump and dump if your worried about it, pump clean milk for baby first just incase he/she gets hungry, then pump the dirty milk and dump it after you dye your hair. im now breastfeeding my two month old baby girl and was tired of seeing grey hairs and was going to ask my dr again anyway just to be on the safe side.

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