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Is it safe to fly in first trimester? Please help

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I will be flying home in two weeks and it is a 15 hrs flight at a stretch then I have transit of 3 hrs and then 5hrs flight before I reach my destination. Since I am a visitor in US and dont have an insurance I didnot go for any check ups here. I will meet my OB back home the next day I reach. I am 6 weeks pregnant. Please let me know whether it is safe to take such long flights and what are the precautions I should take in flight?

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It is probably safe. Do you have any "morning sickness"? That's the only thing I think would make any trip particularly difficult at that stage of pregnancy. Try to get an aisle seat so you can get up and walk around and get to the bathroom easily. Drink plenty of water and bring lots of snacks. Walk around the plane. Try not to cross your legs when you're sitting.
I flew in my first trimester and again in my second trimester (that flight was overseas). The first flight I got really sick but never had morning sickness. If you tell them you're pregnant and to please get you ginger ale and crackers prior to take off- that would help. The change in altitude might make you queasy. My flight attendants were very helpful and making me comfortable.The overseas flight was fine....but I felt baby move going up and coming down. The pressure changes are felt by baby. :)  I did swell a lot, though. So much so that after a 10 minute nap, I got up and fell over because my ankles were so big.The biggest thing about any travel is to not sit for too long. You run the risk of blood clots in your legs. So get up and move around when you can. If you can't walk, try doing the alphabet with your feet- just so the circulation gets going.Safe travels!

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