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Is it safe to fly while you are pregnant? Im 7 weeks gone, please help

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As long as you check with your doctor and they clear you, you should be fine.I flew to the Carribean while 4 months pregnant and across the country while 5 months. I have a friend who flew across the country while 7.5 months!Just make sure you check with your doctor first.
Different airlines have different policies.  I was required to carry a letter of permission from my doctor for a one hour local flight at 32 weeks.  However, two weeks later, I flew from western Canada to Europe with no hassles.  I actually got special access to the beverage area, and the flight attendants encouraged me to walk around the entire plane frequently.
I've read and my doctors information said that it's okay to fly up until about 32 weeks unless you are having complications already.  After 32 weeks it said to get permission from your doctor and schedule a checkup right before you go so they can make sure you aren't dilating before you go.
some airlines have rules about this...that is because the change in altitude can start labor. check with your doctor if he gives you the ok then your probably just fine
I went to my doctor on monday to ask the same thing and I told him that by the time i wanted to fly i'm going to be 33 wks and he didn't let me go because of all the risks there could be I can start bleeding cause of the pressure and altitude, he even said that if there is an obstetrician that is possible i won't be able to make it or the baby, and this is a 5 hour or so flight, so i better stay because i don't want to risk me or my baby. Ask your doctor before making any desicion and just do what he/she tells you. Good luck.

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