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is it safe get a tatto while prego

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i've read and heard no it's not. they even say it's 'iffy' to get one while breastfeeding. it's all because of the potential risk of infection or reaction from the ink. i got one when my daughter was 11months old and still breastfeeding, and everything was fine. (it was my 6th tattoo) 
most tattoo artist will not tattoo on you while you are pregnant. No matter how far along you are, Most piercigs arents a good idea either. Ask your local artist and see what he or she says but my sister is an artist and she refuses to tattoo on anyone who is or may be pregnant. Henna tattoo's are safe though. I know it sucks but your best bet is to wait till lil bit pops out and starts toddling around before you get inked.
if we had the money to get new needles i would get another one now i have my sons name and need to get my daughters the on ei have and the one im carrying husband is the one who did my first as long as you keep it clean and take care of it the way your supp i see no harm but thats just me
It's probably safe if you use a licensed tattoo artist (sterile needles, gloves, etc), but like another poster said - they probably won't tattoo you (liability reasons) if you're visibly pregnant.  Also, watch out for back tattoos - many anesthesiologists are wary of giving an epidural 'through' a tattoo on your back.  I waited til after my son was done nursing to get my most recent tattoo.

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