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Is it safe to go to a shooting range?

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I have a doctor's appointment next week so I am planning to ask my doctor as well but wanted to know if any of you women have ever gone to a shooting range while pregnant. I'm currently 20 weeks.

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I went out and shout all the time with my pregnancy I never really even wondered if it was bad myself. I shout anything from a 12 gauge quit frequently(I love to trap shoot for fun) to 300 caliber rifles to .38 hand guns. Never had any complications with it up until the end when I just didn't feel like standing that long. 
Wouldn't it be a bit loud for the baby? Especially with all the other guns firing?
That is my concern. I can protect my ears but I can't protect the baby's little ears.
I personally wouldn't risk it..... From what I understand, babies can get startled by loud noises as they continue to grow in the belly, so the baby will definitely be able to hear all the firing. I just did a quick search on pregnancy and shooting range, I forgot how an indoor range that the smell of lead is pretty strong. Good website:
I did when I was pregnant with my son and he turned out fine. As long as you know what you're doing and practice gun safety it should be fine

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