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Is it safe for a mom to sleep on her stomach during the 1st Trimester?

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yes its totally fine once you get to be later in the pregnancy is when you really need to sleep on ur side
It is safe as long as you feel comfortable. Your body will let you know. During the 3 trimester you'll notice it's harder to sleep flat on your back. The weight of your uterus/baby cuts off the blood circulation. Sleeping on your side is great through all stages of pragnancy.
Doctors say to sleep on your left side, but I still sleep on my stomach and I'm 12 weeks. I just kinda roll more to one side and pull the opposite leg up to keep my weight off my stomach. The baby is very protected by your muscles and your uterus. So, if it doesn't hurt I wouldn't worry too much.
As long as its comfortable its fine. Enjoy it now cause you wont be able to do it again til well after your baby is born

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