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is it safe to sleep on my back while im pregnant?

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How far along are you? your not supposed to because it lowers the blood circulation to the baby. but if you toss around at night and not just stay on ur back you should be ok.
the left side is best for the baby though.
I will be 15 weeks tomorrow. I don't sleep all night on my back. But Thank you for the answer it puts me at ease.
im 15 weeks also and i sleep on my back half the night too..being on the side the whole might hurts my long as we dont sleep the whole night on our backs were good. good luck!
It is a lot later than 15 weeks that you need to change sleep positions. I slept mostly on my back with a pillow wedged under one side to tilt me over a bit. If I was flat on my back in the third trimester with my first, my legs would go numb. Ask your Dr/midwife next time you are in when you need to roll.

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