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is it safe to tan while your pregnant??

3 answers
Im 21 weeks... is it true that tanning makes stretchmarks lesss visible?? what can i do to prevent them... iim just super worried about stretchmarks!

answers (3)

I recommend you to just put a lot of cocoa butter cream all day and avoid scratching just massage your belly, personally I think if I was you I woudn't get a tan, because of the heat and those lights they use to do that and also the heat stretches your skin so I think it would be worse if you get it done. Hope it helps!. Good luck.
NO! Your body shouldn't get over about please don't put yourself in an oven. And no, it doesn't aways help. Just use the cocoa butter tp soften your skin. Moisture helps!
if you get too hot the amniotic fluid gets warm and the baby could over heat and harm it. so dont go tanning

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