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Is it safe to travel by car on a 3 hour trip at 29 weeks pregnant?

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It is perfectly safe, your doctor would probably just tell you to make sure you stopped every hour to go to the bathroom and walk around to stretch your legs.
Of course!  I've cruised, flown and driven long distances during my pregnancies, and you should have nothing to worry about.  Mention it to your doctor, but chances are, no matter what he/she says, you will be okay.  Sometimes people forget to stay hydrated while traveling, and even though you may have to use the restroom frequently, drink anyway! 
It is perfectly fine.  If you aren't having any complications then I say go for it.  I have traveled at around that time with all 3 of my previous pregnancies and my babies weren't born early or anything.  Go have fun.  If you really want to you can talk to your doctor about it.
its safe just make sure to have ice water and maybe pillows so you can take a nap and stop to use the bathroom frequently and maybe take a book or something to give you something to do just make sure you are comfortable and have fun

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