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Is it safe to use a cream to treat a yeast infection in your 1st tri?

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I was prescribed a cream to treat my yeast infection, but all the creams out there say not to use in your first trimester! My Doctor says it is fine to use it. I am torn between using the cream, or hoping it goes away by taking a probiotic daily, but am nervous about the effects I can have on the baby by NOT treating it. I am very confused! Any guidance is helpful!

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As long as you use what your doctor recommended then you are fine.  I had what I thought was a yeast infection in my first trimester so i took the cream that the nurse told me to use, it turned out I had a different kind of infection that required different treatment; but everything has been fine.  I didn't have any ill effects from it.  As a matter of fact, I think I have gotten one in both of my previous pregnancies too and both boys are healthy!  You definitely dont want to wait and have the infection hurt your unborn baby or you.  Do what your doctor recommends; if you still don't feel comfortable call and ask to speak with a nurse in the doctors practice she can help you understand what will and won't effect the baby.  :)
I had one whem i found out i was pregnant with my first daughter.  my doctor gave me an cream release insert that was mild.  It worked just fine.  If your general practinioner gave it to you and you are concerned, ask your OB.  If your OB gave it to you, then he/she knows what their doing.
I got prescribed a cream too and was just as worried as you. I don't have yeast, but bacterial vaginitis. It is important to treat things ESPECIALLY when pregnant and I wouldn't think your doctor would prescribe it if it could end badly. NOT TO SAY I'M STILL NOT PARANOID about it. good luck hope it went well.

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