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is it safe to use a sulfur face mask? (like ProActiv?)

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I am 16 wks and breaking out ALL over my chest and neck! Never broke out there in adolescence. Since I read that you are supposed to avoid products containing salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide I wanted to know if this type of acne mask might be safe?

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I have also heard you are not supposed to use ProActive when pregnant.
Most topically applied medications (both prescription and naturopathic) are not significantly absorbed systemically.  That means that they are unlikely to reach the fetus, which is protected by additional mechanisms as well.  There is no medical evidence that normal topical use of salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide or sulfur cause birth defects.  Even drugs which definitely cause birth defects when taken orally, like isotretinoin (accutane) do not appear to cause birth defects when applied topically, at least according to the research results.  Not saying you should expose yourself to known teratogens, just suggesting moderation on the paranoia.  

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