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is it save to eat fast food?

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like mcdonals, wendys, chiken-f-lay, tacobell etc...

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Big- picture, yes... Health-minded, no. Fast food places don't keep people's health in mind, let alone the health of pregnant women.  Right now- given you are expecting- you need to be focused on GOOD nutrition- fruits, veggies, lean proteins, dairy, and unstaturated fats, not to mention plenty of fiber.  Fast food is generally loaded with artificial sweeteners, processed animal parts, preservatives, sugar, and saturated fats.  These things alone can sabotage your insides [watch the movie "Super Size Me"], acting as a filler or replacement for the things your body really needs.
It is safe, but you need to be careful of your sodium intake.  When we go to McDonalds I usually get a sald and maybe a small fry just to satify my need to have the fries.  I also opt for water or milk.  Chinese food is good, subs, even the taco bell fresco line is good to eat.  You just need to find the healthiest stuff. 
Fast food is safe.  Very safe in fact.  There isn't as much salt in everything as everyone believes.  I have worked in several fast food places even while I was pregnant.  Yes you should eat healthy foods like vegetables, fruits, etc. But if you have fast food sometimes it isn't going to hurt you.  If you are worried about salt intake then first off ask for no salt on your fries.  Yes eating a salad would be healthier.  You can have limited amounts of pop/soda and iced tea.  Yes milk would be a healthier choice.  I wouldn't eat out at Mcdonalds, burger king, or wendys all the time, but on occasions it is fine. Taco bell has healthier options, but get what you want.  Subway is the best alternative to fast food, because in general it is just healthier.   I wouldn't eat a lot of chinese food either.  That is filled with MSG.  But we are pregnatn and when we crave something it is like torture to not get it.   I would ask your ob doctor and see what they say about fast food.  But it is safe to eat and feel free to, but don't over do it.
Safe yes, healthy, not really.
NO! Fast food is horrible for your body! If you want frys, there are healthy ways of making them your self, or you can buy then made with organic potatoes that are fryed in a healthier oil. Think about how cheap fast food frys are, the ingredients they use are cheaper and therefore have minimal health benefits. You can also buy organic hamburger mean and make your own burgers that are fast and easy at home. You can even make AMAZING milk shakes with Breyers Ice cream, which has minimal ingredients. Its basically just cocoa bean, vanilla bean and cream! You are only sharing your body for 9 months, why not make the best choices you can especially when there are better choices readily available.
According to me Fast food is not safe in pregnancy. Even we should aviod oily food aswell in those months.

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