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Is it terribly bad for me or my baby if i dont take my vitamins daily?

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I get really disgusted by the smell and size of my prenatal viatmins. I also am to take ferrous sulfate and folic acid. I dont take any of these since i got them prescribed about a month ago. I am 13 weeks is it to late to start a routine now? And does anyone have any ways i can actually remember to take them daily?

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I would look into taking a different prenatal than the one that's prescribed to might just have the wrong one for your body.  I take buried treasure liquid pre-natal plus DHA complete.  I've never gotten sick off of it, it's very absorbable, and it has ginger to help stave off nausea.  I actually take it everyday and i'm usually horrible at taking pills everyday. 
I agree with the post above. I'm currently taking New Chapter Prenatal and everything is going great with them. They are organically made and can even be taken without food. I am also taking their prenatal fishoil product too for some extra DHA. I will caution that they are pricey, but I'm figuring its worth it in the end. Or, I've read Flinstone chewable vitamins have helped out many women that have trouble with their prenatal vitamins. Good luck!
It's never too late to start a routine. . Not that I'm one to give advice b/c I'm HORRIBLE at taking my vitamins... Even with them sitting on the counter to remind me! My prenatals would never stay down first trimester..I always got sick shortly afterwards (but I was sick 24/7 the first 14-15 weeks) I used the target brand of flintstone vitamins.. same stuff as the OTC prenatal vitamins (as far as folic acid and iron and stuff) if you take two.  I also figure with them being chewables, they will absorb a little faster than some of the others.  I'm also taking a DHA prenatal vitamin now but didn't start that until around 28 weeks or so when my doctor said to start.Another suggestion: I drink the carnation instant breakfast several days a week. . it has lots of extra vitamins in it, so even if I don't take my vitamins, I'm at least getting something extra than normal. :)
It was easier for me to set myself into the routine if I took my vitamin with dinner every night.  When I was very sick, I was usually going to bed early, so I would sleep through any nausea the vitamins caused.

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