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is it true if the guy is on top with your legs on his shoulders...

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you get pregnant faster?? lol i dont know if its true but thought it was funny and why is this??

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because when you have your legs up it helps his little swimmers get to your egg faster
is that really true >??
The three times I've gotten pregnant haven't ever happened that way.  I think there are lots of different ways (positions) to get pregnant in , that's probably a popular one though.  My hubby has always been on top though when we got pregnant.  :)
personaly i dnt think it matters..but thats just my opinion..
I'm actually one of the ones that posts that! Lol I've never gotten prego in that position but I read in Cosmo that's the best for getting pregnant. It has to do with how deep and that makes it easier for his little guys to do their work! :)
i also heard that was a good way to get pregnant, pretty much any position will work though, as long as the sperm meets the egg is whats important. 
they usually say that the positions for deep penetration get you pregnant faster... however, its not always true... it still took me almost a year to get pregnant.. and we were doing those positions... it was deperessing... however, i am currently 29 weeks along, and i couldn't be happier.. i've wanted this for a long time! oh and they also say that if you use those positions, it will be a boy... but thats not always true either... its true for me though lol
Thats how i got pregnant lol

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