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is it true with ur first baby u have a c-section??

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alot of my friends told me with the first baby u have to have a c-section idk if its true or not, what u think?

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not true unless you chose to have a c section or if there are problems with delivery and you are taken in to having an emergency c section.. I had my daughter naturally with no problems =) good luck hun
Absolutely not true! I had my first at 16 and didn't have to have a c-section. I don't know why they would think that but it's not true. Complications with delivery or if your baby is breech are the only reasons I see for having a c-section. Good luck sweetie! :)
nope not old are ur friends? maybe they think thats because someone they know had to have one..two of my friends hads to have a c-section both for diff reasons and another friend delivered vaginal..just depends
No it's not true but the high c-section rate in the U.S. makes it seem more likely. Ask your doctor what his c-section rate is and find out what the percentage is in your state and the individual hospitals in your state. Understand that the U.S. c-section rate 33% and that is super high compared to other highly developed countries. If your doctor becomes annoyed by your questions then you have your answer about him or her as a caregiver. You may here the professional giving you you advice but most things done in hospitals are not always based on good science.  I know I don't want to be stuck to a bed when I'm having contractions because the more you cna move the better you feel. C-section should only e used during emergency but in the U.S. we offer it like it's nothing. If you have time to research what type of computer you want then you should be able to get all the information you need about how maternity care is treated in the U.S. You are doing the pushing not your doctor. If you trust yourself and your body then you can do anything. Ask what the hospital routine is ask about pitocin and other drugs used during labor. Remember what they put in you does have an effect in both you and the baby. Research is key!!! I wish you luck and keep your head up!
Nope it's not true!  I've had two vaginally now.  My sister in law chose to have both of hers by c-section, but it's your choice unless it's an emergency. 
Not true at all! Unless there is problems, or if the baby is breech. But I had my first two babies natural! GOOD LUCK! and Congrats!

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