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is it true when ur preg u have weird dreams?? i do,

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i have all kinds of weird dreams where im killing my boyfriend my boyfriend cheatting on me etc, very very weird even scary dreams mm, idk it sounds crazy but i dnt wanna tell my doc & her think im crazy.....

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I had so many weird dreams and actually I still do.I had a lot about protecting my baby too.Good luck with them, if they really upset you make sure you talk to someone about it. It helps you keep the dream off of your mind.
Your dr won't think you're crazy. Alot of pregnant women experience weird dreams. I read that the one about him cheating has to do with you not feeling good about how your body is changing. I don't know about the killing him though lol. Maybe you're worried about the pain of labor and know his little fellows got you into this? Idk. I don't tend to have weird dreams. I kinda feel left out cause other than being tired and sick and sore boobs I don'tt tend to get the symptoms other mommies to be do. Lol. Anyways don't worry about it cause its normal. Good luck :)
I have crazy dreams too... I have had the ones about my boyfriend cheating & I feel that it's about my body changing as well...
i had the most vivid dreams the week before iI found out I was pregnant....  very colorful vivid. One most recent one was that I was being chased by the columbian cartel.... It was absolutly crazy..

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