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is it true that with your second pregnancy you start showing sooner???

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My best friend and I are both pregnant with our second child each. Her first is about to turn 5 and mine just turned 3. I don't know when my b.f started wearing maternity clothes with her first but I started wearing maternity clothes around 16-17 weeks. I also was majorly underweight so that I definetly used my pregnancy as an excuse to eat. This time around my b.f and I both started having to wear maternity clothes around 13 weeks. So we both feel that yes with each pregnancy you start wearing maternity clothes sooner.
It depends really. With my first pregnancy I didn't really start showing until I was about 5 1/2 months. But when I did I blew up like a balloon. With my second pregnancy I started showing around 4 months but I didn't get as big with my second as I did my first. But I also didn't loose any of the weight that I gained with my first. With my first I gained like 50 lbs and with my second I only gained around 15 lbs.
Yes you do because everything has already been stretched before and so with your 2nd or any subsequent pregnancies you will start to 'show' earlier than with your first. :) Congrats!
I am showing sooner with this one (my second) but it doesn't look as much like a pregnancy belly to me. I started showing around 7 months with my first and now at 22 weeks I'm still in all my pre baby clothes and I really just look bloated even though I FEEL very pregnant. I guess it's different for everyone and for every pregnancy...
Both my cousins one had three children and she looked the same all three pregnancies. My other cousin started showing the same time on her second pregnancy. And my sister in law had three and she showed at the same times in all her pregnancies. What I have noticed with some people is that they have bigger babies in subsequent pregnancies (not all the time) but I believe it has a lot to do with your body type and how you carry the baby, and lastly if you were able to get back to prepregnancy weight and if you tightened up those abdominal muscles.

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