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im 19 weeks prego and i recently started feeling itchy all over! mostly my ears and neck and under one random but its so rash or bumps or redness or anything just itchy ass hell..anybody ever felt like this? if it doesnt stop by thursday im going to the doctors. its so annoying

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I get the same way!!!! I am 32 weeks pregnant and it just started happening. My legs get really bad and I read some place that potassium can help so I started eating a banana a day and so far it has helped.
oo good idea.. i will try that!
I get itchy skin as well.. I am just shy of 30 weeks and I have been getting the little packages of oatmeal bath stuff and putting it in the bath tub.. some reason it seems to really help with the itchy skin.. I dont know why it happens or what causes it I just know that is the only thing thats helped me so far.. good luck =)
ty very much!

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