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Its about a week and a1/2 till my period but I've been experiencing low dull abdominal cramps....

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I know its too early to test but is cramping an early sign of pregnancy? My breasts have felt a little tingly and I notice the veins much more. I've also seen things online about (sorry if this is TMI)changes in cervical is it different than before your period? Thanks

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I think in general if you are looking for early symptoms of pregnancy you will find them whether they are there or not.  All of the things you mentioned are early symptoms of pregnancy but can also be linked to many other things.  I know thinking you might be pregnant can be exciting or stressful depending on your situation, but be patient.  It wont be long until you can take a test and find out, hopefully for sure, and come to terms with being pregnant or not being pregnant. My husband is much more level headed than I am. He told me to wait until my period was two weeks late before I took a test (we've had some false alarms in the past).  It helped me to forget to over analyze my "symptoms" and live for a few weeks until I could get a firm answer.  Most tests advertise they can tell early but the farther along you are the more likely you will be to get accurate results.  Waiting a few weeks to find out might seem like forever, but whether you are excited or scared about your pregnancy, you have about 9 months to come to terms with the results. If you aren't pregnant, breathe that breath of relief or frustration and try to move forward.

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