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I've been having a latte every morning. What do you guys think? Is it okay?

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I'm in my last month and I've been having some wicked insomnia lately, so when I get to the office I am just SO. TIRED. That one latte really helps. I rationalize it by thinking it's really not much caffeine, not like I'm drinking coffee all day long. Plus, think of all that calcium! :)

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caffine is bad for baby lungs
It is fine.  Just don't do more than one 16 oz. latte a day.  Caffeine isn't good for the baby, but if you don't have to much you are fine.  That is what my ob doctor told me.  Don't worry about it, because you aren't doing anything to your baby.
One latte each morning isn't going hurt the wee one. I had a coffee every morning when I was expecting my first little one, and he was born just fine. Healthy weight, no lung issues - healthy and happy.
A little bit of caffine isn't that bad for the baby. As long as you don't drink too much you really don't have anything to worry about. I drank at least one cup of caffine a day with my daughter and she is perfectly healthy.
Well, this website is crawling with information from Dr. Sears, and there was a question on here somehwere that asked if drinking sodas during pregnancy was okay.  He suggests drinking less than 300mg of caffeine a day, which is a lot more caffeine than is in that latte.  You could always ask your doctor.

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