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i've been trying to get pregnant for a few months now and my boyfriend don't pull out and im not pregnant yet why is that?

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we have been trying to get pregnant for 3 months now and he never pulls out i'm not on any kind of birth control and we don't use condoms and we have sex every night why am i not pregnant yet?

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it takes time. and might i sugguest having sex right before your period..and i know its gross but possiably even during, or the day after.we had sex during my period and thats how i got pregnant. either way;itll happen when the time is right good luck
Our Dr. suggested that both my husband and I take a multi-vitamin and vitamin E after over 2 1/2 years of trying with no luck. After we started to take the vitamins we were pregnant in two months. We also monitored my ovulation period with tests you can get at Wal-mart or any other store. Just be patient and don't give up.
we have had sex every day for a mth and a half even on my period at least once a day for the whole mth & a half w/no protection or anything im a very impatient person i guess i need to learn to sit and wait for things like that lol .. i just want to know quick ways to get pregnant. :)
ok, when I was trying to get pregnant I read up on how to get pregnant... I know that sounds kinda silly, but really you only have a 24-48 hour braket to get pregnant! I used the ovulation predictors, yes they may be a bit pricey, but they really worked for me! I didnt start trying without them. i figured if I was going to try I was going to go all out with it! So my advice is read up on HOW to get pregnant! with all seriousness!
listen guys . I tried all that and after a miscarriage the day after thanksgiving. We are pregnant again. The trick that we used was for him to take a multi-vitamin and you take a three pill combination. Prenatals, omega 3, and b6 vitamin. It helped us conceive twice within a 6 month period. It might just be the luck of god but thinking this helps works. And please quit stressing over it. Stress has a lot to do with your fertility. Just be easy and have sex every other day. It works! :)
I read on average it takes 6months for a healthy couple to get pregnant.  I would say if you have been trying for a 1 year to maybe talk to your doctor about it and get tested to find out if you and your husband are fertile.  From my expierience don't stress out!! My husband and i were trying to conceive our first child and month after month i would get my period and stress my self out about it.  The fifth month of trying to get pregnant we decide to get a puppy and oddly enough that was the month i got pregnant lol.  My mind was takin off trying to get pregnant and i was busy with our new puppy.  Also if you do want to use those ovulation test sticks thats not a bad idea i used them the 5th month of TTC but for me the line that indicated ovulation never got as dark as the reference line they give you but i ended up getting pregnant that month.  It showed a line and each day it got darker and darker but like i said it never got as dark as the reference line. GOOD LUCK!    
thank u everyone .. im goin 2 try alot if not all of these .. im going to try to NOT stress abt it anymore if it happens it happens if not it dont .. adoption is always a choice if i cant succeed on getting pregnant!  
dont stress about it. Stressing isnt going to make it happen faster. :) When the time is right, it will happen.good luck to you :)
3 months isn't very long. i know it seems like it. my husband have been having fertility problems for a year and a half. you really do need to destress. you only have like a 5-10% chance of getting pregnant every month if you are young and healthy. really the odds are a lot more against us than you would think. so just relax and it will happen
It's probably a good idea also to vist the doctor and get a check-up just for general health reasons. No reason not to give the pregnancy the best, most healthy start that you can!


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