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after 4 yrs of being wit my b.f his ex comes out and says she's pregnant. I was devastated, but still stuck by his side, being that I was also pregnant. He denied her and the baby but she was always around for family events. His family would call her crazy and would even joke about her. But when it came down 2 it, they were there for her labor! But for some reason felt like they should keep that from me, now that I know i'm completley distanant from them. My heart is crushed, they had no reason 2 b so fake! But my question is, Am I being selfish by not having them in our labor room? Which I have stated 2 my b.f that I dnt want his mother there, that issue causes so many fights.(the baby turned out not 2 b his, but still has his last name)

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I find it completely ridiculous that they were supporting his ex and then acting like they didn't like her around you! Why were they even there if the baby wasn't his? Did your bf go with them? I would feel just as crushed and betrayed as you do girl. That's what it comes down to is they betrayed you. You should tell him that. They are supposed to be your family now, not the crazy whack job of an ex that can't seem to get her own life. Why does the baby have his last name if its not his? This whole situation sounds really odd to me. I most definitely would put my foot down with his family, if you don't want them there that's up to you. I would try to get all this figured out before time for you to deliver though. If there was ever question about the baby being his that could be why they went. I know that's what my mom would do, but they shouldn't have kept it from you. That was really wrong and hurtful of them. I hope things all turn out the way you want. Good luck sweetie! :)

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