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Jus curious??

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What is Jaundice? ...detailss plz.

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My daughter had jaundice when she was born it has to do with the liver not filtering something completely properly.. It will cause the skin to have a yellowish tint.. With my daughter we just had to take her in daily to get the levels checked and make sure they were dropping down.. I hope that helps a little bit atleast
yes and sun light tends to help releave the yellowing the uv rays of the sun help to cure jaundice...if sever enough they will put the baby in the NICU under a uv light to help
Also jaundice can be caused by ur partner's and ur blood not being compatible. It gets worse with amount of kids u have we were told by my daughter's pedetrician. Our first didnt show signs until we were about to leave hospital and her check-up show elevated billirubin levels so we had to have her on a billirubian light in her crib and go to the docs everyday to have her blood counts checked. Our 2nd daughter had severe jaundice right off the bat, she wouldnt eat at they tested her and it was so high they moved her to the NICU for heavy UV light treatment, and put her on an iv for nutrients since she wasen't eating. But within 4 days she came home healthy and happy. But most babies can get it but it disappears within a few days with light and if its formula feeding the iron gets it out of the system quicker.
Jaundice in newborns is caused by too much bilirubin.  Breastfeeding helps get rid of it (lots of poops & pees) as does exposure to sunlight (like put the baby's crib near a sunny window.  If the baby is severely jaundiced, the doctors will recommend s/he be put under the bili-lights, which help bring down the bilirubin levels.

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