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jus wanting to know first mom to be question

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how do you know if your baby is dead or alive at ten weeks if you been pickin up on heavy things of overworkin yourself

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at ten weeks not every mom can feel the baby move yet.  But if you are really concerned call your GYN and set an appointment immediately.  You shouln't have that doubt in your head for too long.
Normally, if the fetus dies, your body will expel it and you'll have a miscarriage.  You'll know when you have a miscarriage because you'll start cramping, your back will hurt pretty bad, and you'll spot like you do when you get your period.  IF that happens, you need to get to a doctor IMMEDIATELY... if the sac and the baby are left in too long, it can cause an infection and can even be fatal to YOU.For the most part, 'overworking' yourself [ie. working 50 hurs a week on a salesfloor], shouldn't cause you to miscarry, unless you do suffer from some other complications.  When you're tired, tell your boss you need to sit down [given they know you're pregnant]- if they say no, it could mean a huge lawsuit for them.  As far as lifting, ask your doctor.  Mine said the limit is 20 pounds, but my daughter is 35, so when it became uncomfortable, I stopped holding her so much. 
You are perfectly fine.  Pregnant women are advised not to do heavy lifting or reaching for stuff.  But on occassions we have to do it.  I myself am 23 weeks pregnant any my youngest son weighs 66lbs and I have to pick him up sometimes.  He is also a bit slow for a 3 almost 4 year old, so he is more like a 2 year old right now.  It is hard, but my baby in  my belly is doing perfectly fine.  I will say what the others have already said.  If you are worried call your ob dr and see if they can check you out and do an ultrasound.  It will make you feel a lot better to see the baby move and to hear its heartbeat.  First time moms always worry about everything. I was one of them once myself.  Now I am on my 4th and last pregnancy.  After the first one you will relax about a lot of things.
this is my first pregnancy and i am a cook at a sonic and well i am always reaching and picking up heavy stuff and i am really scared that im going to lose my baby anyone have any words of advice???
"Heavy" is one thing, but actually straining yourself is another.  Everyone should remember that the hormones you secrete during pregnancy make all of your ligaments loosen up, so it's easier to pull something because all your connective tissue is so much more stretchy (this is so your uterus can expand and also so your baby can fit through your pelvis). However, I don't think that your normal level of activity will cause a miscarriage.  If you've been working a strenuous job for at least 4-6 months (long enough for your body to get used to it), then get pregnant, just listen to your body and back off when it tells you to.  Also, I think the real issues surrounding heavy lifting come up when you're well into your third trimester, or if your cervix starts opening up too early and you need to be on bed rest to keep the baby in.  Your doc will be able to tell you more, so definitely ask questions!

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