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Just found out I'm pregnant and I already feel behind because i don't have insurance.

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I'm really scared and nervous nd dont know where to begin right now. I want to have a healthy pregnancy and a very healthy baby. Should I just take prenatal vitamins and iron until I can go see a doctor?

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i didnt have incurance either, and i dont have a job right now either, my bf is working fulltime, so i swallowed my foolish pride and went to the health department and got incurance thru the state, i would defenitly take vitiamns, i took regular womens one-a-day vitiamns, and the health dept, told me to keep taking those untill i could get into the doc's
Hi there!  First off, Congratulations on your exciting news!  You must be going through a lot of emotions right now, and you should know that you are not alone!  Secondly, I agree with Shannongail89.  Go to the Health Department.  Obama just signed a health bill so that everyone can have insurance.  Check it out.  Definitely take the prenatals over the counter.  That's all the docs suggest you take anyway throughout your whole pregnancy.  You don't need prescription ones.  Prenatals are prenatals.  Make sure you see a doctor before you are 12 weeks, though.  You don't want to go too long without receiving proper prenatal care.  Also, I have to suggest that you check out  You will learn there that you can negotiate with doctors and hospitals to lower your bills.  Best of luck to you and your growing family!!!
You can also call a dr office and let them know the situation and they might make a first appt for you and then help you fill out paper work faster for health insurance through the state.  They will also set you up with other programs in your area for formula and other food. Congrats!!!!
Ladies! First of all thank you for the well wishes! I am very nervous and uber excited at the same time!! You all have been very helpful and its good to know that there are options out there for me and my baby!! Can't wait to see this wonderful creature bloom before my very eyes!!! Thanks again loves!
i take prenatal with fish oil (or dha supplement) in them fish oil helps with the brain development in the baby :D  yes there is actually a prenatal you can get that is prenatal+dha supplement and it's so much easier then trying to measure out the fish oil pills seperatly

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